Ready, set, go!

Heading lazily into our second week of school after three days off together, and I'm so grateful that we are home. I know what it feels like to come away from weekends only to say goodbye morning after morning, spending so many hours apart. Not anymore, though. I can't wait for you to get up so I can see you and have you all to myself today!

The cold going through our family, starting with your Dad, has finally caught up with me. While I'm feeling much better than the two of you did, I can appreciate that we have nothing but school on our roster today. YOU have your first piano lesson with Rhonda at 3 - and you and your Dad will be going to Football practice tonight. But I will be home, resting and getting well, asap! The rest of the week will not be so forgiving.

The weather has been VERY humid - wet really. Mornings are filled with fog, and days, if not raining, have been damp and dewy. It makes it hard to clean the driveway and decks much less stain or finish anything outside. I'm hoping we see a good dry week before fall comes and the leaves take everything over.

That's about all that's going on right now. Homeschool, 1st piano lesson, the end of the cold in our house, and less than ideal weather.

God is good.

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