Deyoung Zoo

Today we went about an hour north, to MI, for a family adventure. 

We started this at a favorite restaurant of your Dad's
called Brother's Three, in Marinette.

It was delicious. But we had a little drama in this place. 
You were having a hard time with your attitude, 
respect, and self-control.

It's unusual to have to address and issue with you. 
You are generally very mindful and considerate.
But public places and being around other people have always been a stubble for you. 
By the time we had eaten, and talked a bit more in the car afterward,
it was clear that we may have gotten to the bottom of the issue. 
We were proud of the way you humbly and responsibly
accepted the challenge to work on making some changes. 

By the time we got to the Zoo we were ready to explore!

They have so many sweet little baby animals.

And many, not so baby, but still sweet friends too.

We got to watch some alligator wrestling,
which was probably the highlight of this Zoo experience.

It was nice to walk the trails back and forth
because the weather was warm (80s), and the sun 
was blocked by a light cloud covering.

I got to feed a hippopotamus.

AND hold a large snake (which was what I was really hoping for).

You did not touch many animals, but had a great time watching them.
And you brought your money so you could raid the souvenir shop.
You got a cute little white lion, and a big blue snake -
Carrie (one of the owners and alligator wrestlers) photo bombed this pic of you.

It was a really fun day, and we got to have some 
Culvers on the way home to our own little Zoo.

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