Keeping You - one way or another

When I look back years into this blog I feel a little sad and sorry that I don't bring my photography into our lives so much as I used to - but I'm SO very very grateful that I captured us the way I did, when I did. What a beautiful display of our days and memories together. 

I'd like to say I could do it again. Pick it back up and try and save a better glimpse of these days - commit to an individually artistic and intentional "life session". But I don't know if I could. That is who I was then. Becoming a photographer. Those days were a special, inspired time for me and my camera. With the ease of low quality cell phone cameras, and the kind of picture taker I've become for my work, I'm not sure I still have it in me. 

I hope when I look back at my posts in 5 years or so, I'm not disappointed in my efforts in comparison. Writing and photographing just aren't what they used to be for me anymore. Still want to remember. On whatever level, I do love these "pages" of you.

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