A Good Day

Today was one of those days. The rare kind that I want everyday to resemble. One of those "best" kind of regular days. Things just went so smoothly. Things got done. Priorities were inline and everything worked out.

- We woke around 7am and saw Greg off to work.
- Zeek played his new fish game on the island counter top while I made waffles next to him.
- He watched the red light and told me when it turned green so I could chop and wash his fresh strawberries.
- He ate while I started on the only TWO loads of laundry in the house. :)
- I made some calls out to snow removers, hot tub fixers, furnace guys... even measured the square footage of the driveway (2,400 sq.ft).
- We dove into school beginning with devotion, followed by reading, writing, and math. Then we read from Zeek backyard magazine and did an awesome art project of bugs using pipe cleaners and foam paper.
- Next Zeek and I went outside to pick sticks in the yard with the wheel barrow and have a fire.
- We cooked hotdogs, texas garlic toast, french fries, and smores on the fire, and gorged ourselves.
- And just as I was thinking "this is my best life ever", Greg called to tell me that he was having the best day and he actually felt good at work for the first time in a long time.
- We headed inside to give Yuki and Zeek a much needed bath. (i don't think my kid has EVER been so filthy before)
- After bath time, Zeek played boowa and kwala while i cleaned the bathroom upstairs and the pocket bathroom, the floors, and switched laundry.
- I took a shower, got the mail, and did some minor photo editing.
- Zeek ate some dinner.
- Greg came home and wrestled with Zeek for about a half and hour.
- Then he headed off to guys night.
- I fed Zeek a banana and some juice, and I'm about to head off to get him ready for beddy.
- I will read to him until he sleeps. Then I will come down, make a huge stinky sandwich and a fruity fun drink, and watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.


I can't wait for tomorrow to do it all over again!!! :)

Thank You Jesus!