hot tub lub

We finally got the hot tub up and running. We have been enjoying it ever since. Literally. We hardly come out. :) 

We have a very small leak somewhere underneath. We have to add about an inch of water every day. I had to wash the entire room down, walls, blinds, screens, windows, floor, and cover all because of condensation and the fact that the room hasn't been cleaned in years. AND it costed $140 just for the chemical program I bought yesterday. The good in that is that we bought the FROG program which uses less chemicals than any other system, and the kit last for 4-6 months. Some of it longer. All well worth it!

Zeek loves it. He *swims* in it all the time. Even Greg loves it. 
It's been great for all of our sleep. We sleep fast and hard after a day of spa and resort. 
It makes the house feel even more amazing, like were just plain being spoiled, now. :)  

Thank You God. Help us find that leak, please!