mission playschool complete

Yesterday, Zeek had his first day at "playschool". That's what we've agreed to call it. Because teachers, daycare, day school, the center, preschool, and the like were all indications of something Zeek wanted us to be sure this was not. :) Because he is attending so that he can "learn" to be a friend and play with other kids, "playschool" is appropriate.

Whew! Now that we have that settled... :)

I made him let me take a little "first day" photo. Since, who knows if there will be too many of those opportunities for a homeschooler. Not likely. He did great for it.

He was hesitant about going, knowing that i wasn't going to stay there with him, but he was okay. The "playschool" is only a mile from our house, so as we quickly approached the building i heard him call from the back seat, "i can't believe we're already here." as though he was expecting a ride to the city to calm his nerves. :)

Once inside (so adorable, btw) he found a fun toy to play with that he's never seen before. And he really didn't mind that i was leaving. I kissed him and told him i would be back soon. He whispered that he didn't want me to go, but he had a smile frown on (where he puckers his lips like he's really upset, but there's a smile peeking through the edges). That was my sign that he was JUST FINE. And so I went.

When I returned he was having a blast. Playing and comfortable. He RAN to me with his arms out from across the huge room, and we almost chipped each others' teeth when we smash-face kissed. :)
Then it was off to play so more for him.

Becky and Jeff showed up about 10 minutes later. They wanted to be a part of his first day and see his "playschool". They loved it and we stayed while Jeff helped Zeek climb the climbing wall, and Becky and I had another tour given by the owner's mom.

We all went back to our house and had balloons, pizza, drinks and cookies... it was a really nice night.