me and you against the world

me: let me just get these wieners off of here...
Zeek: what did you just call those?
me: (reluctant) wieners???

We got shafted a little for not being the most subservient babysitters in the world... which led to Greg doing some soul searching, finding his footing and standing firm that we need to do what is right for us as a family whether other people agree with us or not.

He said that he's so glad that we are together on things even if we are the black sheep in most of our circles. :)

Jaymee is staying another night, and we love it. She and Zeek are having the best time together that they've ever had. They are getting along really well. being GOOD to one another. And having lots of fun time on their own.

I strung the last of the white Christmas lights outside this afternoon. We plugged them all in and started a bond fire. We roasted mini-cheese-hotdogs (fabulous), and texas garlic toast on our sticks (I melted the metal pie pans). Then we had smores. I made my first smore using Ghiradelli chocolate squares. YUM! And I had an idea to stick little shards of pepermint sticks into the marshmallow for a fun wintery smore. :)

The kids played in the yard under the Christmas lights. They even jumped and played in our gigantic leaf pile. It was SO fun. Yuki loved it.

Once inside, Jay took a shower, Zeek took a bath, while I cleaned up the house a little and caught up with Pam on the phone.

Now I am going to read the kids to sleep and get the mail. There should be a One Tree Hill in there for my enjoyment (Greg is out with Levi and his brother). There might even be a pack of shutterfly photos of Zeek and our family that I can't wait to send out in the mail! :)

Oh happy day.