Zeek likes to plan "surprise birthday parties". He tells us that he is making a party for us and that we can't come until he invites us. He usually bribes Yuki into his room, or the stairwell, or where ever he's setting up the event, and then he sets up an area for her with her own snacks, toys and bed.

He sets up all his stuffed animals as guests, wraps presents (his toys) in blankets and stuffs them into socks, makes pretend cake out of legos, decorates, and plans games. Then he calls the birthday person to come to their party.

We alway have to wipe our feet before we can enter. And then he leads us through each stage of the party. It is very creative and fun to see the ideas he comes up with.

He's especially happy this week to have all the balloons from Greg's party to use for his "surprise party" decorations. :)