Shining Stars it is

We went to the center. We liked what we saw and heard. We especially love the four year old area/program/teachers. We found what works best for us within our options. And we are happy about the decision to move forward in enrolling Zeek in the after 4-K preschool program, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 1:30-4p.

Zeek is going to have SO much fun. He's security and independence makes me feel so much more confident about this than I thought I could. The majority of the kinds of things that I chose not to ever put my child in day care because of (large groups of kids with numbered teachers, lack of compassion and burn out behaviors from teachers, exposure to secular kids and their unfavorable choices) are all things that I know my boy is more than capable of handling. And handling well.

We enroll him on Monday and he starts on Tuesday. THIS week. I'm so excited for him. :)