Almost There...

we have the month of April off. And right now we can not wait to get there!!!  

How do we get through the doldrums of the same thing 
over and over again for weeks on end? 
We throw in a week of "unschooling" here and there. 

I don't believe in the traditional (if you can call it that) style of unschooling, 
but it's the name we've given it when we put our usual studies aside 
and learn the same stuff in a new and different way; 
a little more fun and a little more hands on that usual.  

This week I stumbled across a homeschool blogger who posts free printables 
that she has created for her own kids. 
Since you are all excited about starting your horse ridding lessons, 
and we just bought you your first pair of cowboy boots, 
I thought it would be good to print and use her cowboy pack. 

It is SO cute and fun!  

We're also doing some other activities we found online. 
Like this fun game of sort and search. 

First, you sort and scramble a deck of alphabet cards, 
and lay them out in order on the table. 

Then you go throughout the house finding things 
that start with each sound, placing them below the corresponding letter. 

Here are a few of my favorites that you came up with:

A is for your GIANT airplane all colored and too fun to leave out 
(even though it was a tad big for this game)

Though, provided for you in such cute boxer form,
so not like you to wear or even think of.

F is for "fact",
which you wrote on a sticky note. 
Yes, you are real, son. 
Real cute and smart.

And this is another game we've done;
building sums.

I lay out a bunch of addition flash cards on the table, 
and you use the sums to built lego creations at each card.

Both of these activities were great for both of us. 
You enjoyed yourself, and they took you a long time
so, I got to do whatever I wanted while you worked on them.

Oh April, you're SO close we can smell it!

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