Party Extension

Our friends, Ben and his daughter Josephine, 
just happen to have the same Birthday as your Mom...

So, although all the Birthday partying was supposed to be 
officially over by Monday morning, 
we had a little plan up our sleeve to tack on an extra day of celebrating. 

After school in the morning we went to their house 
to party some more with Miss Nina, Noah, Jordan, and Josie.

We so enjoyed our visit with them at their new house for the first time 
a couple of weeks ago that we couldn't wait to do it again! 

This time, we brought cupcakes and a gift for Josie. 

You, Noah and Jordan played famously, as usual. 

Miss Nina and I visited while taking turns cuddling with Josie. 

I also took Josie's photograph with her birthday balloons. 

She's always picture ready with her sweet little outfits and fun matching hair bows. 

Not to mention she is the CUTEST LITTLE GIRL WHO EVER LIVED! 

We did plan to leave around 4:30 but after great resistance 
from you and your friends at parting time 
we were invited to stay longer and didn't get out until after 6. 

You still did not want to leave when we did.

I guess we'll just have to get together again soon for more fun.
You won't hear me complaining! ;)

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