O, the Fetching Things You Say

You: I really wish I could take Mea to the fireworks.
Me: I really don't think she'd enjoy that.
You: We could put her on a leash and tie her to a rock?

Mom, most of what I've learned so far in life came from Myth Busters.

You came in to change your wet gloves for a dry pair. 
When I exclaimed how cold your hands were you said, 
"it's fine Mom. I can't feel them at all." 

Wow mom, you have like, a lot of skin under your chin. I mean... A LOT.

That's the thing with bossy girls... the cuteness makes up for the bossy

You were playing his Sims3 character when I heard you declare, 
"the house I created is WAY too big for me. 
I need to get a wife in here to help me take care of things."

You were trying to FaceTime your Dad when I heard you start under your breath, 
"if this guy doesn't answer this call I am gonna... oh, Hi Dad!"

gigantic package showed up on the doorstep two days from my Birthday. 
I asked you, who had a suspicious smile on your face, 
"Do YOU know what this is???"
You gaves me a disgusted look and replied, 
"HOW would I know? I'm not a SOOTHSAYER!" 

You: Mom? Uhhh... are you gonna wear your hair like that into the city?
Me: No way! 
You: That's good, cuz right now it looks like it was hit by an astroid.

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