Not Just Neighbors

You have gotten pretty comfortable with your pal and neighbor, Henry. 

In fact, we've all grown quite fond of the S family across the street 
during the past year or so. Even our dogs are in "puppy love". 
So, of course, it pains us to have recently learned there is a chance 
they might be moving away for work at the end of this summer. 

When I shared the news with you, you said, "not Henry!" 
and then asked me when they would be coming back. :(

The good news is that if they do move it will only be a couple of hours away, 
and it won't be impossible to visit them. 

The sad news is, there will be no more riding your bike over 
to join Henry in building a fort in their back yard, 
or digging your way to China in the sandbox together. 

Miss Teri and I will have no more crafty Thursdays, 
Fresca and snacks over kitchen islands, 
or special surprise dinners, goodies, and treats dropped off at one another's doorsteps. 

There will be no more doggy dates, or swimming days, 
or just knowing we love and can rely on good people who live SO very very near. 

But no matter what happens, we will always have them in our hearts. 
We can always keep up through mail, internet, and telephone. 
And the wonderful things we've all learned from each other about friendship, 

sticking things out, loving neighbors, and putting each other first will be with us forever. 

I'm so glad you've had him, that I've had her, and we've all had each other. 
It's been such a blessing.  

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  1. lovely. i love the way you love them. and the way they love you back. xo