Birthday Kick Off

You have been incredibly sweet about my Birthday this year.
You were so excited that it made me look forward to it myself.

During the days before, in the mornings you would say,
"Mom, I know it's not time yet, but I can't help it...

You planned and talked about how things would be on the big day.
*lots of pink (which I normally do not like but LOVED the idea for my birthday)
*cakes and cup cakes, flowers, and balloons, pizza and presents
*cuddles and pajamas with movies and "whatever you want, meam"

On Friday night we did begin our celebration.

 We made pizzas.
There was a giant pizza monster bubble
on your cheese pizza!

And we played Busy Town.

It was your Dad's first time playing it.

He is now a fan, just like us. 

We watched the newest recorded Modern Family. 
And then we all slept early to be ready for 
the BIG DAY! 

You warned me before you went to sleep
that you would be coming down for birthday cuddles early.

And you were NOT kidding. 

I love morning cuddles, though. 
No matter how early!

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  1. great start!! busy town... yes!! love that photo of sarita searching, holding her hair in place. ;)