Another "Different" Week

As we continue to get closer to the end of our last month before break
we continue to change things up to keep them interesting.

This week we did a subject a day. 

Rather than doing a little of each subject everyday, 
we took the five required core subjects, 
delegated one subject to each day of the week,
and did a whole week's worth of that one subject on it's day.

These pictures are from Tuesdays, Science day.

One of the projects we did was creating a crane 
\with a your Guided Physics Lab Kit.

You wanted me to help you (do it all for you), 
but I insisted that I watch and you follow the directions 
to put it together yourself and see how it works. 

You were very proud in the end. 
And of course, your favorite little kitty, Tab, 
had to be involved in the final touches.

Only five more school days to go!!! :)

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