No More SAD Here

It's been so beautiful outside.
The weather has remained consistently, unusually warm.

We were getting a little worried about you when your
attitude and joy levels were bottoming to an all time low
before the sun started to show a couple weeks ago.

Now, we know exactly what the problem was. 
You were just experiencing some SAD
(seasonal affective disorder)

You have been SO happy since the sun has been working.
And we are so happy God decided to make it work early this year.

We have been playing outside A LOT. 

Tiling garden boxes

Planting starter seeds

Watching the birds return from the south

Ducks, geese, cranes, and...


And you have been indulging in your favorite outdoor activities:

Spraying the hose over every square inch of our property,

and treasure hunting!

We're certainly not complaining about all this beautiful
summer-like outdoor action! :)

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