Just How to Make a Girl Feel Special

It was 3:29am when you crawled into my bed a whispered, 
"Meam, prepare yourself for birthday snuggles..."
You held me tight, wrapped your limbs into a noodley mess with mine,
and promised, "happy birthday" before drifting back to sleep. 

I was out of bed before you were awake for the day. 
Your Dad grabbed the camera from me and insisted 
on this photo of me as I snuck out to enjoy our first real snowfall this year.

The white winter wonderland was a sure beautiful way 
to start the gifts that came throughout my day. 

On my way back up the driveway from my walk
I spotted you coming out to join me in your jammies.

You, your Dad, and Sarita spent the entire day making me happy. 
What EVER I wanted is just what we did, and then some. 

- we went to my favorite breakfast place 
- saw the movie (The Lorax) I've been waiting for
- picked up roses and balloons
- had some of my favorite friends over for dinner and deserts
- played scrabble
- accepted several doorstep special deliveries 

throughout the day, I slowly opened one after another from this great big castle 
of all-out-spoiling-mama gifts you built for me in the morning.

When I heard you reminding your Dad that it was almost time to leave, 
to which he replied, 
"There is no time to leave today. We leave when Mom says so. It's her day"
I knew I was in for a treat.
I never could have imagined what was to come. 

It was so sweet to be treated so special all day long. 
I couldn't have dreamed of a better birthday. 

Thank you. 

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  1. It's your birthday! Mine too, looks like that boy of yours has one special heart to treat you so sweetly on your day. We had cupcakes too (smile)