Lil' Pets and Woodzies

First, you bought Tab, the mini kitty, who turned out 
to be your favorite little carry along companion for over a month, now. 

You made him furniture out of cardboard, paper and felt.
You even bring him to the table and feed him during meals.

One night I suggested getting another friend 
to go along with Tab... 

WHY we can't do things small, I don't know. 
We're a family who tends to go really big when we do stuff. 

In our defense, the Lil' Pets were on sale from $3.99 to .99!!!!! 
How could we resist?

And then after adding nine to the group, 
we kind of needed a carrying case for everyone.
You know... so they wouldn't get lost or left behind.

That's when we found this adorable Woodzies' house 
that closed up with a nice handle on top...

And then we kind of needed furniture that wouldn't keep falling apart 
like the homemade stuff you were making.
And the Woodzie's furniture packs were ever so cute! 

Then next thing we knew it was morning, and I was serving yours and Tab's 
traditional matching pancakes to you and all the new pets! 

Being a Mom is SO much fun!
And our your toys are WAY cooler than mine were when I was a kid!

With the exception of micro-machines. 
They really need to make those again.

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