Over the Weekend

We saw Sarita off to Hawaii for the week.

Uncle Tony came for a visit.
He and I went to look for the apartment he will be moving to nearby
at the end of the month!!! :)

We set the clocks ahead on hour.

After church and grilling with friends on Sunday 
we bought you your first pair of cowboy boots.
(I'm still not sure why this is so important, 
but apparently it's a big deal when a boy gets his first pair of cowboy boots)

We also finally got you one of those giant styrofoam airplanes 
you've been asking about for over a year. 

You truly had SO much fun with it. 

You and your Daddy flew it all afternoon. 

Then I took Apple for a walk and you joined us...
with your giant airplane.

You were quite a site in your blue jeans, grey shirt, and yellow rain boots,
carrying that big white plane with the dead of pre-spring in your backdrop, 
all the while being followed along by your white dog and her big brown spot.   

At the end of the day, you decided your new plane needed some color. 

It took you a couple of hours Sunday and about an hour Monday to finish it. 

But it looks SO cool customized. 

And it's still in working, well flying order today! 

It's a tough little plane.  
Well worth the $7.

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