Closet Gaming Mama

Last night I played Xbox360, The Kingdom of the Keflings, cooperative, live-online with Tony for about six hours. It was the best time I've had in a LONG time.

I love video games, but I'm particular about what kind. I don't like the average war/gun/racing/sports game type. I love most games that are creation-based: Sims, Sim City, Restaurant Guru, Tetris...

In the morning Greg and Zeek were playing and they found this awesome Keflings game. They called me in to check it out, assuming it was up my alley. 10 minutes later I was finished with the tutorial in the demo and purchasing and uploading the full version to the system.

In. Love.

So, when my brother called me, hence walking right into my snare last night, it was all over!
I throughly enjoyed my Mom's famous cookies fresh out of the oven, pajamas, pizza, water, Tony, live chat, co-op village building, on 65 inches with surround sound until 12:30am bliss!
Who could ask for more?

One Seriously Satisfied Closet Gaming Mama