it's a lego life

You got about eight new lego boxes for Christmas. I was not sure what to do with them all, but I KNEW I wasn't about to let them become wandering, aimless, chew options for the Yook. There had to be SOME kind of organized storage containment for them all.

I scoured the internet in search of the smartest lego storage out there. I was surprised to find that even Lego doesn't sell anything brilliant for them.

So, we finally settled on these, from Walmart:

They are three different towers that can (and likely will need to) be added to in the future. The drawers come out easily and can be transported to other areas of the house for play.

We are storing each set in it's own drawer big enough for the completed construction or just the pieces. We have the instruction books in one of the thin top drawers and the green base squares in the other.

It is just what we needed! :)