your first expenditure

While we were at Target the other day, checking out the toy department for after Christmas sales, I gave you a $20 bill to spend on your own for the first time ever.
Usually, when we are in a toy section of a store you don't even ask for anything. Once in a while you will tell me you like something, but you don't act like it's all for you.
Well, armed with $20 of your own, you were an entirely different boy. You were touching and considering EVERYTHING. You changed your mind about a thousand times, finally falling head over heals for this imaginex water grouping complete with scuba guys and tackle.

It was on sale half off, so you were able to replace your desert Lightning McQueen at $3.99 as well. 
You put your stuff up and said, "on the conveyor belt, right?"

Your Daddy and i hung back with our purchases to watch you. 
"$19.95", the sales lady told you. And up came your $20 bill. 
She gave you your change, asked where you wanted your receipt. You took it and stuck it in your big red bag anyway.
Then off you went, ready for home. :)
When the Packer season is over, which will hopefully not be until after the super bowl ;) I am going to start Store Sundays. Every Sunday we are going to set up a little pretend store. I will have products that we own (some treats for you to enjoy) on sale with prices. You will be able to go through the store, chose your items, and then check out.
We will start slow with adding prices to pay for with unlimited money (you have A LOT of real money to play with). Then we will let you use a certain amount of money and add your items costs as you chose them.
Sometimes we can trade places and you can be the cashier.
You love coins, but you are struggling to care what each is called or is worth. This will be our "homeschool" approach to teaching you money, and adding it.
I can't wait to start! :)