Thursday: Date Day

You and I are going out together on Thursdays. We haven't been doing that a lot since we moved here, and it's time to start. So Thursdays are date days.

You don't much like to leave the house. I tried to get you to go to the library and out for ice cream with me the other day, and you were horrified. :( We waited for the next day. You are like your Mom and Dad. And this huge fully stocked "vacation-like" house does not help matters.

So, for our first outing we invited our friends, Afton and Miss Bethany. They met us at your favorite bowling alley in town for some bumper bowling. You bowled a lot last year with some boys from your YMCA gym and swim class, and you've always liked it.

You and Afton were SO cute. She looked like a Chipette from the Chipmunks. She was dancing and twirling and wiggling like crazy. She is SUCH a girl! :)

You were, well... such a boy. If you didn't knock down what you wanted to you would turn around with a display scowl and grunt "that wasn't supposed to happen." :) Your ball rolling throwing was great, too. Once you started doing well you were VERY happy with yourself.

You were polite and humble and let Afton "run the show" without any complaints, which I loved.
And then we all went over to Hardeez (your favorite) for lunch and some more play.

Afterward, you got your hair CUT. You haven't let Barb cut only "trim" your hair since we moved here. This time you wanted a mohawk, again. I refused (because you never want it once you're home and you made me cut the last one out a week after you got it). But you did get a stylish little JCrew, runway looking cut, and it's adorable. :)

We went to "war-mart" after that. You fell asleep in the cart! Got a lot of attention from people in the store for that trick. And then we went and bought your cd clock radio at Best Buy.
It was a fun day.
This week I'm hoping we can do something outside!