“{Sigh} this crooked world!”

“Um Mom! Apparently Dad is coming back home right now.”

me: well, go check upstairs
zeek: I’m pretty afraid goin’ up there by myself.
me: well turn on a light.
zeek: aaaaalriiiiight. Ya’ big ol’ knooower!
zeek: aaa. I’m afraid it’s not in there, mom.

"Only the packers get touchdowns, right? Cuz the cardinals aren’t any good."

me: it’s breakin’ my heart.
zeek: anyone who breaks your heart, I’m going to break their heart. And fight with them a little.

Upon waking, Zeek says to me, “let me go! I wanna go see what my Dad’s up to.”

While I’m trying to put the tracks back on his lego digger he says,
“the conveyor belt is really hard to contrapt, you know?”

“I’m just boring boring boring with no tattoos like my Dad. He has hundreds of tattoos. Why won’t anyone give me any tattoos!?”