our new themed schedule

Today was the first of our "days of the week" theme. For the next couple of months we are doing something specific to enhance our schedule, experiences, and life... Some of the things will be doing are learning orientated for Zeek, or family orientated for all of us, or cleaning/organizing/home beautifying, etc...
And I am loving it! 

With the "new year"-fresh slate-resolution kind of feeling I began brainstorming to come up with a way to motivate and inspire me to get a move on some of the ever growing list of things I'd like us to do in our home and homeschooling.

I’ve learned over time about myself that I really can’t do much of the same thing for TOO long. I can do things passionately just fine for a period of time. But when it’s over, it’s over, and I need a fresh change...I need to craft something more inline with where I am in each season. So this will be revised when that time comes. No guilt, no pressure. Just a loose guideline. 

So far I have decided on this much:

Monday mail: where zeek and I will each prepare something to send to someone. Letter, craft, gift, photos, a hand me down...

Monday make over: where I will chose a room each week that will get a little face lift, be it deep cleaning, rearranging, sorting/purging, added organization, or just a piece of art...

And of course, there's Monday mom’s night: which has always been. Greg has guys night out, and I watch my two favorite recorded evening dramas with something scrumptious to eat and tasty to drink after Zeek goes down for the night. :)

Then Tuesday Treasure Hunt: which will be anything from Zeek doing a reading guided paper hunt, or “bucket everything on this list” hunt, to a full fledged family scavenger hunt in the afternoon. (we LOVE to do these anyway)

Wednesday is going to be Worship and Word Wednesday: I will read the Bible to Zeek in the morning when I do my own devotion time (he has a daily devotion in his school work schedule too), we will do some Worship time together. At night we will have a family devotional (which we so need to incorporate into our lives anyway, now that Zeek is old enough)

I have nothing for Thursday yet, but I usually go out that night with the girls, so I will have to come up with a day time thing.

Friday is Food Fun: picnic, or something like a culture related dinner theme with decorations and or dress up, music, etc... I’d like to invite a family of guests one Friday a month to join us, as well.
And Friday Family night: a game, movie, popcorn, together craft, or an evening out bowling or something fun.

Then it's Story Saturday. Eternally. I want to teach Zeek how to create books. Picture, story, recipe, field journals... I think having a sort of “free day” otherwise delegated to work on it will get the ball rolling nicely.

And finally, Shopping Store Sunday. Zeek needs to learn money. We’re just going to make a little shop for him where we will sell different things (things we already own, toys, and sometimes snacks, or ingredients to a desert we can cook in the end, etc...) 

I'm looking so forward to all the fun we will have doing this new and exciting schedule of activities. 

Today we did our letters to Auntie Judy (or as Zeek wrote Ante Jode). Zeek loved folding his letter, licking the envelope, sticking on the stamp, and walking it out to the mailbox with me. :)

I did the room make over in the craft room. With a little cleaning, organizing the organization, and purging, it is looking so cute and fresh. 

Next: Mama's night!