kitty said what?

So, one day Greg said we should get Zeek a cat. He has loved them SO much for SO long, it's almost wrong that he doesn't have one.
My response.
no way.

Then Zeek watched and loved The Lady and the Tramp... and the husband gives the wife the little dog in the Christmas package...and i got to thinking.
So, I brought it back up with Greg. How sweet it would be to have a little kitty in a wrapped gift box for our cat loving boy on Christmas morning. How excited and surprised he would be.

And then we realized that Becky, Mark, Levi, and Cedar are all very allergic to cats. :( And for all we know, other people who we like to have over are allergic as well.

So, we decided that we need to continue to prioritize the humans over the felines. To keep the house open, available, and suitable to everyone. Thus, no cat in a box for baby big boy. :(

The pooping cat (candy dispenser) was the best I could do. And my brilliant Mom gave him a purring mewing stuffed cat, too.
I kept open the thought process of an outdoor Tom cat rescue in the spring as an option (we have an obscene amount of chipmunks here), and for the time being, that was pretty much that.

Then, somewhere around three days after Christmas a grown grey and white cat showed up at our door. She was so definitely an indoor cat, plump, fluffy and of course, wanting to come indoors.
My response.

But it was 18 bellow zero. So I decided to at least send out a little can of tuna for her. She loved it and went on her way into the night.

A couple of days later she showed up again (no doubt looking for tuna). This was the first time Zeek got his eyes on her. I went outside and pet her a little (no food this time). And on her way she went again.

The third time she came we decided to give her some of Yuki's wet food to see if she'd like it. She did.
Zeek pet her. She ate, putted, and off she went.
Zeek was worried about her in the night (i was not because she has survived the first VERY cold evening just fine). But we put a nice thick box outside under the deck with blankets and water for her...just in case.

I still don't know if she uses it to this day. We kind of tucked it in a safer closed in area, and Lord knows we don't go out there very often in this weather.
But we did buy our cat some cat food. We did delegate her a bowl of her own. And we do put food out for her.
She eats about a cup every other day. Sometimes we even get to see her and play with her a little.
OUTSIDE, where she will stay.

Zeek loves having a cat. And i feel like it was a little blessing for our obedience to sacrifice having this for Zeek so that we could remain welcoming with open doors.

God must have wanted him to have a cat too. Minus the gift wrap. ;)