G Force

We are working on you sleeping in your bed all night long, as I've written before.
I have been brainstorming ways to help you feel good in your room in the night. Enough that you will want to stay there if/when you wake up before morning.

We started with a CD player. You and I went shopping and picked out a nice Sony CD radio with a large digital read clock-front. Then we picked out a couple of books on CD for you. One was Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, by Judy Bloom (which we are going to see at the weidner center in a couple of months), and a dino-story-filled set as well.

YOU LOVE THEM. You spend a lot of your free time, rather than playing with cars anymore, laying in your bed on top of your covers listening to your CDs. Adorable.

But not quite good enough as you still come down in the night.

I tried to get Yuki to stay in your room all night. She loves to fall asleep in your bed when you are tucked in next to her listening to us read to you. But she comes right down to be tucked into her cage when we got to bed. So that doesn't work.

You watched and loved G Force a couple of weeks ago (a new movie full of action hero guinea pigs). We also went to see and LOVED The Chipmunks squeakuel over the weekend. So I had small fuzzy rodents on the mind in hopes and wonder of making your room more stay-able and cozy for you.

AND your fish tank needed a real make over. BAD.

So, after your first day of Friday morning play school I took you to the pet store to have a little looksee. :)

We got eight new baby fish, an awesome Horton-Hears-A-Who-gone-sea type algae ball thingy, and... ta-ta-da-da!!! A new sweet baby girl guinea pig!!!
You picked her. I told you that you could have rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, or a guinea pig. You picked "Guinea". That's what you named her.

With new books on CD, an awesome looking fish tank, and an adorable little baby girl nibbling away you would think that you would stay put...

well, not quite. yet.
keep workin' this angle, kid. we'll see how much you can get out of this deal. :)

we'll get there.