"good things come to those who wait"

That's what the card I made for Greg eleven years ago said. It was in reference to the way our time together had begun whether we liked it or not, and it's proven throughout our life together to often be the case, time and time again.

In a positive light, when we've waited for things in this life we have seen the benefits far outweigh the momentary joys of instantly getting what we've wanted.

It seems like our knee jerk reaction is usually stimulated by what other people tend to do and in what time frame.
If it's the way of the majority we find ourselves striving for status quo and thinking, "everyone else has a baby right after they're married" or "most people who ever leave their starter homes do it between five and six years" or "only strange people have just ONE child"...

That's where it starts, and then we move onto our own thoughts, "we aren't everyone else" and "we've never been held back by cultural or worldly standards" and "we ARE proud strange people"...
and then we do our very own patented brand of unusual, which usually amounts to waiting.

We don't LIKE to wait. But we know that we could jump and HAVE- or wait and RECEIVE. And we're loving on the gifts that God brings to us when we sacrifice having and wait on Him. In His time. In His Will.

From valuable safe vehicles and a starter home, to many of our belongings that we purchased for silly low prices far below what they sell for, to the precious miracle of Ezekiel, to this amazing house, to making further additions to our threesome, we have waited.

This is all relevant right now because another LONG waiting game in our life is about to expire.

Greg loves to ride motorcycles. He has wanted a Harley Davidson BADLY for the past seven years.

He could have gone out and bought any other bike 100 times over the past 7 years (i would have) just so he could at least fill his heart to ride. But he's wanted a Harley forever, and he knew anything he spent toward anything else would only delay his dreams that much farther. So he committed to waiting.

And yes, everyone we know who's wanted a bike has gone out and gotten one in the meantime. And I know how much that can sting. But in all of our experience on the waiting side we have learned that pain only proves to add motivation to the goal.

And as you may have guessed by now, in three days my husband is going to buy his first custom Harley Davidson bike. He has spent the last fourteen months searching. And he's spent the last couple of months considering, sitting on, smelling, feeling out, praying about, making arrangements and all around loving on one motorcycle in particular.
He has found "the one" and he will be making his big move on Tuesday!!! (it sounds like a wedding)

I'm so happy for and proud of him. I know what this means to him. I expect that he will be a completely changed man by the end of this summer, and scared as I am of that, I'm looking forward to it, for his sake.

Congratulations baby. You have waited this out like no one I know could have, and your reward is just around the corner.